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Food Truck Simulator

How to Save Your Game in Food Truck Simulator

Wondering how to save your game in Food Truck Simulator so you don’t lose your burgeoning mobile food empire? Read on.

Food Truck Simulator makes you work for your money, but how do you save your game so you don’t lose progress or cash? Making burgers, fries and so on is more fun than you might think – but repeating the same exact same tutorial section isn’t.

Unfortunately, you can’t save your game manually. Instead, Food Truck Simulator uses an autosave system. Yes, it uses three save slots and you can load these saves from the menu. But you don’t get a say and, unlike some games, there’s no rotating symbol showing an autosave is happening.

In our review, we remarked that the game, while a lot of fun, still has some rough edges and the lack of a manual save is one of them. So when, then, does it actually save? As confirmed by the game’s developers, it saves when you do a new quest or objective or, in free roam mode (unlocked by completing story mode), when you sleep.

So, if you’re still in story mode, it will save when you finish serving a group of customers and get a new task. It definitely does not save while you are handing out food. If you quit during a shift you’ll have to do that whole shift again, maybe more.

So watch the yellow objective in the top right of the screen. For example, it might say “A Night to Remember”. When that yellow line changes (not the white sub-objectives) your game should be auto-saved.

The good news is that Food Truck Simulator’s developers are working on a manual save system. Let’s hope this handy feature arrives soon.

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