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How to Save Your Game in Let’s Build a Zoo

Let's Build a Zoo

Are you playing Let’s Build a Zoo but can’t figure out how to save your game? Here’s what you need to know.

If you take a look at the main menu you’ll notice the absence of a “Save Game” button. So how, then, do you go about saving your game in Let’s Build a Zoo? What if, for example, you make an evil-zookeeper style decision and then want to reverse it?

There are two things you need to know. Firstly, if you want to be an evil zookeeper, or a good one, you’ll need to separate playthroughs. You can’t have good karma and bad karma at the same time in Let’s Build a Zoo.

Secondly, Let’s Build a Zoo uses autosave, so you can’t save before you make a decision and then roll it back a few days later. The game autosaves at the end each day. When it goes dark, then switches back to daylight, your game has been saved.

So to save your game, you just wait for the day to end or, if you’re in a hurry, just speed the game up (with the right trigger) until the day is done.

Also, while there’s a “Load Game” option from the main menu, each playthrough only uses one save. Yes, there are three slots you can load from, but those are so you can have multiple zoos on the go. Selecting “Continue” will load the last save game.

However, if you do regret a decision – selling your bunnies, for example – as long as you’re on the same day, you can close or quit the game. Then, use Continue/Load from the main menu. That’ll start you back at the beginning of the day. But if even one day has passed, you’ll have to live with your choices.

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