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Food Truck Simulator

How To Unlock Truck Upgrades in Food Truck Simulator

Some truck upgrades in Food Truck Simulator are out of your reach, handy as they would be. Here’s what you need to know about unlocking them.

Food Truck Simulator is, basically, work. You’re paying to have a virtual job, but that virtual job is so much fun that it’s well worth diving in. You can check out our review here to find out more, but the one thing you’ll have to deal with is unlocking truck upgrades.

Truck upgrades give you access to new ways of food preparation, such as the rice cooker. You can then upgrade that feature so it’s more efficient, faster, holds more items and so forth. So: how do you unlock these upgrades in Food Truck Simulator?

Upgrading your truck essentially requires three things. Money, prestige and progress. The latter means you need to have got far along enough in the game, as some upgrades are locked away until you hit specific points in the campaign. You get money from serving your customers, and you get prestige by serving them quickly and getting their order right. Get enough prestige, and you hit the next order level.

Next, you need to be in your garage in order to upgrade your food truck. From there, go to your laptop and then the upgrades menu. You may notice that higher level upgrades are greyed out, making it hard to see the requirements for each unlock.

However, you can get around this increasing the brightness within the game. Head to “Display” on the main menu to put the brightness up to max. You still can’t unlock them until you’ve unlocked the previous level, but it’s useful to know how much cash you’ll need.

And there you have it: that’s everything you need to know about upgrading your truck in Food Truck Simulator. There are points in the game where you’ll be prompted to buy a new piece of equipment and you may get the first level for free. And short of downloading someone else’s save file there’s no way of unlocking all the equipment early, but Food Truck Simulator’s story is worth sticking around for.

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