Jackbox Party Pack 9 Gets the Party Started This October

Jackbox Party Pack 9

Jackbox Party Pack 9 is arriving this October, featuring five tongue-in-cheek party minigames that can be played from the sofa.

If you’ve not played any of the Jackbox games, you’ve missed out on a real treat. The best thing about the games, apart from how ridiculously entertaining they can be, is that you only need one copy of the game. With that copy running on PC, PS4 or so on, players can use their mobile phones to participate. And now, Jackbox Party Pack 9 is on the way.

Jackbox Party Pack 9 will feature four new minigames, as well as the return of an old favourite. Aside from these games, it’ll also let you kick people out of your game’s lobbies. Why is this necessary? Because while we’ve mostly played Jackbox in one room, you can play it online and stream the results for other peoples’ amusement.

So what’s included? Developer Jackbox Games, Inc has confirmed the following will be included:

  • Fibbage 4: A game all about out-bluffing your opponents.
  • Quixort: Sort trivia items into order before they hit the floor
  • Junktopia: Create backstories for strange objects.
  • Nonsensory: A drawing, writing and guessing game.
  • Roomerang: – An oddball role-playing game.

Sounds fun, right? We certainly hope it delivers, since we’ve had a real blast with some of the entries in the series. However, the actual quality of the games can vary, no matter how cool they sound on paper. We were disappointed by Jackbox Party Pack 7, but we had plenty of fun with the previous entry, Jackbox Party Pack 6.

Jackbox Party Pack 9 arrives this October 20th on PC (via Steam and the Epic Games Store), Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, Apple TV, iPad, Mac, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Luna and Google Stadia priced at $29.99.