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JSAUX Steam Deck Dock

Got a Steam Deck? Then You Need These JSAUX Accessories

With the Steam Deck still being fairly new, the market hasn’t yet been flooded with accessories. But one manufacturer is leading the way: JSAUX.

Search ‘Switch accessories’ on Amazon, and you’ll be flooded with thousands of various bits of kit that some company thinks you need. But do the same search for Steam Deck, and you’ll only be met by a dozen or so unique items, with most being repeated or copied. But electronics accessories supplied JSAUX has been sure to get its foot in the door by launching a comprehensive range of Steam Deck essentials.

JSAUX isn’t a new company, but it’s not exactly a high street name, either. It has been selling electrical accessories like charging cables, adapters and charging hubs for some years. But with their own section on its website, JSAUX is hoping to make a splash with its range of Steam Deck accessories. Having tried many of them out ourselves, we can confirm that they’re worth the money for anyone looking to improve their Steam Deck experience.

We’ve rounded up the best of them below.

#1 Must-have Steam Deck accessory: Docking Station

By default, the Steam Deck comes with a charging cable so you can plug it in to charge just about anywhere. But other than leaving it in an open case, most of us don’t have somewhere secure to place it when it’s on charge. Leaving it laying around near a plug socket isn’t ideal (especially if, like us, you have nosey cats that like to… get involved in things). Enter the Docking Station. Connect your charger into the back of the Docking Station, then plug the Dock into your Deck (ha!) and you’re good to go. It’s only small, but cradles the Deck perfectly, offering somewhere secure to store it while it’s on charge.

In fact, that’s the most basic of tasks that the Docking Station can do for you. On the back you’ll find three USB 3.0 ports, allowing you to connect any PC accessories you might want to use. There’s also a HDMI 2.0, allowing you to connect and output your Steam Deck to a display, and there’s a Gigabit Ethernet port for wired internet connections.

Of course, the draw of the Steam Deck is handheld PC game play, but having the option to easily connect to a larger screen offers incredible flexibility.

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Budget option: Anti-Slip Holder

JSAUX Steam Deck Anti-Slip Holder

If you don’t really care about being able to connect your Steam Deck to your TV or monitor, but like the idea of having somewhere secure to charge, the JSAUX Anti-Slip Holder is worth considering. This looks very similar to the Docking Station, but has none of the ports: it’s simply a stand. You can use it to rest your Deck on while it’s charging, or while you’re playing with a controller. It’s sturdy and well-made, and takes up hardly any space at all.

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A range of protective Steam Deck cases

JSAUX Steam Deck Case

The Steam Deck comes with a protective case as standard (thanks, Valve!). But should it get worn or damaged, chances are you’ll want to get a new one. Thanfkully, JSAUX has several to choose from in various styles. There’s a hard-top carrying case, a fabric one very similar to what’s included as standard, a silicon skin and even a protective shell that adds a kick stand to the console.

Now, we currently don’t need a replacement case for our Steam Deck, but we are pretty taken with the protective shell (pictured, $21.99). It’s hard-wearing and offers extra protection should you bump it or knock it while it’s in use. Plus, the kick stand is a nice feature, making the Steam Deck usable in tabletop mode just like a Switch.

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The bare essential: Tempered Glass Screen Protector

JSAUX Steam Deck Screen Protector

We love a screen protector. There’s nothing worse than your screen getting marked or scratched on your favourite gadget. Yes, applying them is a bit annoying, but once it’s on there, you’ll hardly notice a good screen protector. JSAUX offers up two tempered glass screen protectors for just $11.99 – a bargain if you ask us. They come with a guiding frame to help you put them on perfectly, too.

The tempered glass means it’s 5x more durable than a standard screen protector. It also comes with an anti-fingerprint coating to help it stay clean and glossy.

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