Lost in Fantaland is a Genre-Straddling Card-Battler, Out Now on Steam Early Access

Lost in Fantaland

Lost in Fantaland has just landed on Steam in Early Access, and is available for the discounted price of just £9.34/$11.89.

Developed by Supernature Studio, Lost in Fantaland is an innovative single-player adventure game with pixel-art visuals and genre-straddling gameplay. It’s not, as you may have assumed, a game about orange soda.

Gameplay-wise, Lost in Fantaland combines deck-building with turn-based strategy on an isometric checkerboard. It sees you picking from three main classes – Warrior, Mage and Deceiver – and setting out to explore a randomly generated world full of monsters, obstacles, and treasures.

But take note. Only the Warrior and Mage are available in the Early Access version. The Deceiver will join them when the game launches for real.

Exploring in Lost in Fantaland involves choosing different branch zones and deciding whether to fight, obtain Artifacts and cards, restore your hit points at a bonfire, or take your chances on a random event.

Lost in Fantaland

You’ll likely be familiar with this kind of highly addictive rogue-lite gameplay. But Lost in Fantaland’s combat takes things in an intriguing turn-based strategy direction.

You attack, defend, and move by playing cards from your deck, using up action points as you go. Combining basic and advanced cards lets you unleash untold pain and trigger powerful combos.

After each battle you’ll get a new card to add to your deck, and as you play you’ll encounter new terrain, as well as changing weather.

You can use the weather and the terrain to make life extra-difficult for your enemies, giving Lost in Fantaland far more tactical depth than your average card-battler. You can even lure monsters into traps when you run out of cards.

There are three maps to try out in the Early Access version of Lost of Fantaland, with more set to be included in the full release.

To check it out, head to the Lost in Fantaland page on Steam right now.