Mia Joins Evil Dead: The Game Next Week

Evil Dead: The Game Mia

After The Army of Darkness update landed for Evil Dead: The Game in July, adding the new Castle Kandar map and more, it appears that the next major update for the game is already on the way.

It has been announced that Mia Allen, the fan-favourite protagonist of 2013’s Evil Dead reboot, will be available in the game on 8th September. In a series of tweets, the official Evil Dead: The Game Twitter account made it clear that she’s going to be a tough cookie for demon players to crack, not only being able to weaponise her fear, but also being immune to possession.

Also arriving on 8th September is Mia’s brother, David Allen, though we know little about his unique abilities as of yet. Both will be available as paid DLC, and included in the game’s first season pass. Free content will find its way into the 8th September update for Evil Dead: The Game as well, including a new playable demon.

The Plaguebearer appears to be based on the possessed witch from The Army of Darkness, and she seems to be accompanied by a hooded skeleton and a pit deadite. She’ll become the fourth demon class in the game, and will hopefully offer some unique tactics when it comes to hunting down and dealing with survivors.

More is set to be revealed about the September update for Evil Dead: The Game, with its developer promising an informative stream soon. Until then, players will have to keep to stay in the dark while battling deadites in-game.

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