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Sonic Prime

Netflix’s Sonic Prime Gets a Teaser Trailer and a Release Window

Sonic Prime is set to race onto Netflix this winter, and there’s a teaser to whet your appetite.

From what we’ve seen, Sonic Prime will sport a similar look to Sonic Boom, the series infamous for giving Sonic the Hedgehog a scarf. However, the scarf mercifully doesn’t feature in teaser and it looks like Netflix is going for a slightly more serious feel. Well, serious for a kid-friendly show, anyway.

It’s also implied that the show (which was announced last year) will feature some sort of multiverse-hopping element. The trailer shows Robotnik peering through shattered glass and the name “Sonic Prime” suggests there are other Sonics out there.

Sonic also crosses paths with Shadow the Hedgehog, the sometimes-gun-toting, comedically edgy counterpart to Sonic. He’ll figure into the next live-action Sonic movie, so it looks like Netflix are getting ahead of the game.

Voice actor Deven Mack will be voicing Sonic the Hedgehog. That said, if the series does go full multiverse, we wouldn’t be surprised if previous Sonic voice actors turn up. We’ve got our fingers crossed that Sanic Hedgehog will put in an appearance.

Sonic Prime is set for a Winter 2022 release date. You’ll need to be a Netflix subscriber to watch it though you can expect other clips to turn up between now and then.

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