Sable is Soaring Onto PlayStation 5 This Year


Sable, which hit Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC last year, is revving up for a PlayStation 5 release.

We reviewed Sable last year, remarking that “Its expertly-crafted narrative alone will inspire you to keep going, but repetitive quests and an often barren world may dampen your spirits a little.” Now, though it’s bypassing PlayStation 4, it’ll be landing on PlayStation 5.

We don’t have a precise date other than “this year”, so it could, in theory, drop on December 31st. But if you’re a fan of free-roaming, particularly when there’s a motorbike/pod racer mash-up involved, it may well be worth waiting for.

The premise is that your protagonist is participating in The Gliding. This is a coming of age ritual that this oddball world’s children undergo. Yes, it’s a bad idea and probably kills a good portion of Glidingers, but there you go.

The cel-shaded graphics certainly make for an eye-catching journey. Aside from riding there’s plenty of jumping and floating, as you negotiate the landscape as best you can. There are more than a few environmental puzzles to keep you busy.

It’s published by Raw Fury and developed by Shedworks. We’re happy to report that Shedworks was founded in a shed, it’s not just a gimmick. But given that the shed was in London, it’s probably being rented out for £25,000 a week.

Sable arrives on PlayStation 5 later this year and while it may not have an exact release date, you can wishlist it here.