Sonic Frontiers Has an Impressive New Overview Trailer

Sonic Frontiers Gameplay Trailer

Sonic Frontiers has a new trailer, which has left us asking.. why isn’t this the one they showed us first?

The open-world Sonic game’s first teaser trailer, as well as its seven minute extended gameplay trailer, were both pretty underwhelming and didn’t exactly fill us with confidence. Putting Sonic an an open Breath of the Wild-style world is certainly a bold move but the Sonic Frontiers initially looked so bland we weren’t sure it was the right one.

Feasting our eyes on this new narrated “Overview” trailer, we’re not wholly converted to The Way of the Frontier™ but we’re feeling more positive about the game than we were. Why? Amongst other things, the trailer shows off a wide range of environments, the characters you’ll encounter – including what appear to be sentient masks – and much more.

Puzzle solving, for example, will give Sonic more power but, going by the trailer, it’s not compulsory. As for combat? You can employ parries, blocks and more to give your foes a run for their money but if you just want to dispatch them with some old-school button mashing, there’s a mode to enable that.

You can check out the trailer above which, despite its three minute running time, offers plenty of enlightenment. Sonic Frontiers is set to launch this November 8th, hitting Switch, Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

You can purchase Standard and Deluxe editions but, compared to Sonic Origins’ confusing DLC, Sonic Frontiers’s pre-order bonus and so forth, detailed here, seem straight forward. Who knows – this could be the year when we finally get a good or even a great 3D Sonic game. Please, Sega, don’t dash our hopes.