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This Low-Cost God of War Cosplay is Magnificent

God of War

God of War’s Kratos is a reasonably common cosplay choice, but one cosplayer has really outdone themselves.

It’s not that they’ve spent a fortune on this God of War cosplay, quite the opposite. Anucha ‘Cha’ Saengchart, known online as LowCostCosplay, specialises in whipping up cosplay costumes (gaming and otherwise), using household items and other trinkets. He then posts the results to Facebook or Twitter.

His Sagat (from Street Fighter) cosplay, with a ladle for an eyepatch, had us laughing ourselves silly. And if you scroll back through his Twitter account, you’ll be absolutely amazed by the creativity he’s put into nailing each costume. But his recent Kratos is nothing short of amazing.

Dubbed “God of Wash”, he’s taken a wire dish cleaner and fashioned into a beard, and added a streak of red face-paint. He then glares angrily at the camera and, hey presto, the transformation is complete. Okay, we’re being slightly tongue-in-cheek here, but there’s absolutely no doubt as to who Saengchart is playing. His creativity is off the charts.

Sagat and his God of War cosplay aside, other gaming cosplay triumphs include Diablo from Diablo Immortal, Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII. You can follow him on Twitter, find him on Facebook. Though we should warn you, not all the cosplays are entirely work-friendly. And if you’re waiting for God of War Ragnarok, it’s less than two months away.

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