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This Spider-Man First-Person Mod is Brilliant and Disorienting

Marvels Spider-Man First Person Mod

This Spider-Man Remastered mod will let you swing around New York in first person, if your stomach can handle it.

It’s the work of modder jedijosh920 and it’s certainly an impressive piece of PC modding.  It’s not yet on their official NexusMods page, but you should be able to snag it via the Discord link in this video. The question is, should you?

Yes, this video of this mod in action is quite something, showing Spidey swinging, flipping, wall-crawling and so on around the city. If you thought Grand Theft Auto V’s first-person mode was impressive, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

You will, of course, need the PC version of Marvel’s Spider-Man, dubbed Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered, and the mod itself. Having a powerful PC would definitely help as well. But just watching the video, not even installing the mod, is hugely disorienting.

It’s not the only way you can get a first-person Spider-view; there’s a VR Spider-Man game that lets you web around an open world. But that title, Spider-Man: Far From Home keeps you facing the right way up. When it comes to the mod, getting turned upside down is what makes all the difference.

So if you are considering installing this admittedly cool mod, we’d recommend you put the above video on play, make it full screen and see how you feel. If you’re fine, go right ahead. And if not? You should probably stick with third-person Spider-Man.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered is available on PlayStation 5 and PC. Check out our review of the PC version here.

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