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What Difficulty Should You Play Soulstice On?

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You know how it is. You’ve purchased Soulstice, and upon starting it you’re asked to select a difficulty. Which one do you choose?

Being an action adventure game in a similar vein to Devil May Cry or Bayonetta, Soulstice offers a lengthy journey split into multiple chapters. And also like those games, it can be rather challenging at times. The difficulty you choose in Soulstice, then, can impact your enjoyment. So, which one should you choose?

Those new to action games, or simply wanting a more laid-back experience focusing on the story, should opt for Human or Initiate difficulties for their first playthrough. Soulstice is still pretty challenging on these difficulties at times, but it’s more than manageable. Especially if players make good use of items.

Those after more of a challenge, on the other hand, might want to jump in on Knight difficulty. This will test a player’s abilities on their first playthrough for sure, requiring them to make effective use of skills, and counter enemies wherever possible with Lute. There will be some encounters that prove to be particularly troublesome, but by mastering the game’s mechanics they can be overcome.

Soulstice also has two additional, even harder, difficulties. Chimera and Transcended difficulties only become available once you’ve completed the game, and should only really be considered by those who are seeking to master it. The goods news is that you can jump into these new difficulties without having to start a new game from scratch. That means you can keep your acquired weapons and upgrades, making them somewhat easier.

Thanks to the inclusion of difficulty-related achievements and trophies, some players will want to dive into the harder difficulties, too. And so our advice is to play through Soulstice once on an easier difficulty to get used to it and power up Briar and Lute, before tackling it again on a harder difficulty.

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