5 Easy Ways to Earn Money in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley money

If you want to get creative with furniture and decorations in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you need money. And that can be time-consuming to earn. Let us help.

You’ll earn money naturally in Disney Dreamlight Valley, but typically in small quantities. You’ll need quite a lot for various things: upgrading all of Goofy’s stalls costs quite a bit, as does levelling up Wall-E’s garden and Moana’s boat. There’s also your own house, Scrooge McDuck’s shop and Remy’s restaurant, all with multiple upgrade levels. We haven’t even got started on all the items of furniture you could buy if you want to decorate your house up to the nines. Basically, doing everything is expensive, and you need a lot of coins.

The best way to earn money in Disney Dreamlight Valley is by selling things to Goofy. But everything has a different value. How are you supposed to know what’s most worth selling to him? Not to worry: we’ve rounded up five of the quickest, most time-effective ways of gaining money quickly.

Mine for gems

Gems are some of the most valuable items in the Disney Dreamlight Valley, and they’re all just there, waiting for you to find them in rocks. Sometimes, you can plainly see when a rock has gems in it. But even plain mining outposts might be hiding gems within them. And so, all outposts are worth mining with your pickaxe.

The most valuable gems in the game are the shiny variety, with Amethysts and Diamonds carrying the biggest payout. A shiny Amethyst – which can be found in Frosted Heights or Forgotten Lands – is worth 2,000 coins. A Diamond, on the other hand, found exclusively in Forgotten Lands, is worth 2,400. But all gems add up, and so get busy collecting them before selling them to Goofy.

You can see our guide to gem locations, and their values, by clicking here.

Get farming

You can buy seeds from Goofy’s stall, with each location selling its own types of seeds. Planting them obviously grows a crop, and those crops are worth substantially more than the seeds themselves. And so a bit of farming in Disney Dreamlight Valley makes for a nice, easy way to make money. You just have to wait some time for some of the crops to grow.

Go fish!

Not all fish are equal, and some fish are far more valuable than others. Fish caught in later areas – particularly Forgotten Lands – tend to have higher values attached to them, as do ‘rare’ fish which appear in golden ripples in the water. Pull out your rod whenever you see a golden ripple, because the fish you catch will be worth a fair bit. Even regular fish, which are very easy to catch and plentiful, all add up over time.

The most valuable fish in the game are Lancetfish, Lobster and Anglerfish – and the Fugu, which can only be caught on Dazzle Beach when there’s a storm.

Read more about fishing, and where to find each fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley here.

Stock up on fruit

Now, selling fruit in Disney Dreamlight Valley might not bring in huge amounts of money, but it is one of the easiest ways to make coin. You see, fruit is very plentiful, growing in every area and very quickly restocking itself. And so, running around and picking every banana, apple, cherry and berry that you come across will quickly net you a tidy profit.

Get cooking

Cooking isn’t always the best  to make money in Disney Dreamlight Valley, simply because the best recipes take up quite a lot of ingredients. You’ve got the added steps of gathering everything then cooking it. But depending what you’re making, you can make a good amount of money by selling your cooked meals to Goofy. The higher the star rating, the more money your dish will make.

Although bear in mind that not every dish is made equally. Some recipes allow you to use different ingredients from the same food group (i.e. any vegetable) and the price seems to depend on the quality of ingredients used. But either way, you’ll earn more for a cooked dish than you will for each ingredient by itself, so it’s still worth doing if you have plenty of ingredients in your inventory.

A combination of everything…

Ultimately, there’s no one magical way to make money in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The best way to increase your bank balance is to mix and match all of the ways above. Don’t focus on just items you need to complete quests: picking up extra gems, fish, fruit and crops will all come in handy. And even items worth only a few coins will add up if you have enough of them.

Good luck getting richer than Scrooge McDuck!

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