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A New Alien: Isolation Mod Could Have You Screaming Non-Stop

There’s a new Alien: Isolation PC mod out that will have you facing up to five aliens.

No, we’re not making this up, though it makes our brains hurt just thinking that someone took the time to craft this nightmare add-on. As reported by PCGamesN, the mod adds new difficulty levels and a whole host of terrifying tweaks to Alien: Isolation.

If you’ve not played Alien Isolation, take our word for it that it’s very, very scary indeed. The XBox version made our list of Best Horror Games on Xbox Game Pass, and the vanilla PC version is no less terrifying. However, at the absolute most, it pitches you against two Aliens. Just two.

This add-on, created by modder Vyr0511, dials that number up to five. Five. Just think, for a second, how lethal one Alien is. Now imagine five of them. It’s a little worrying to say the least. Aside from being numerous, the Aliens will also pursue you more vigorously and even enter “rare zones” which are typically safe.

On top of that, androids can run and will come running if they hear gunfire. So, even if you do scare the Alien off with a pistol – as the mod lets you – you could have a horde of emotionless automatons descend on you. Still, it’s Halloween and if you’re maschostic enough, or if you need something to stream, we can definitely see the appeal.

You can download the mod, dubbed “Aliens Isolation” from Nexus Mods (registration required). Just don’t blame us when you’re jumping at shadows.

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