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Among Us VR

Among Us VR Has a November Release Date and a New Trailer

Among Us VR is coming this November, so you’d better get ready to watch your back.

We do mean that literally. The most appealing thing about Among Us VR, announced last December, is that you’ll only be able to see what’s in front of you. That’s unlike the vanilla version of the social deduction game where players can see most of the room room.

In other words, if someone is facing away from you, you should be able to do whatever you like. Murder a third party and they’ll only figure it out when they turn around. Well, that’s assuming that slicing someone in half doesn’t result in too much noise.

We can’t wait. And, now that Among Us VR has a confirmed November 10th release, we won’t have to wait long at all. We’re also going to call November “Susstember”, at least until people yell at us to stop.

The date was announced at Meta Connect 2022, alongside the release of a new trailer. Though the game isn’t a Meta Quest 2 exclusive; it’s also coming to Meta Rift and PC, via SteamVR. But we’re absolutely going to play Among Us VR on the Quest 2. After all, we don’t want to die horribly because we were tangled up in wires.

The good news is that Among Us VR will support cross-play between VR platforms, so PCVR players can wrongfully accuse Quest 2 or Rift players and vice versa. Another neat feature is proximity voice chat so you can try (or fail) to talk your way out of trouble.

Among Us VR launches this Susstember/November 10th and you can pre-order it from the Oculus Store, priced at £7.99/$9.99. Until then, why not make use of your time by drawing up the odd sinister masterplan or two?

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