Celebrate Halloween With Dead by Daylight’s Haunted by Daylight Event

Dead by Daylight Haunted by Daylight Event

It’s Halloween month and Dead by Daylight has a few terrifying treats in store, grouped together as the game’s “Haunted by Daylight” event.

Let’s face it, given the spooky and stabby nature of this asymetric multiplayer game, developer Behaviour Interactive would be remiss in not doing something for Halloween. So they’ve been putting on Halloween events for the last few years, and Haunted by Daylight is the name they’ve chosen for this year’s creepy Dead by Daylight event.

The event runs from October 11th to November 3rd, and offers cosmetics, free play days, discounts on Dead by Daylight and more. Well, we say “offers”, but some of the cosmetics will require purchasing but the good news is there are freebies to be had as well. So what’s on offer and when does it arrive? Here’s what you need to know:

  • October 11th – new cosmetics arrive,  including the the awesome-looking Blighted Wesker killer skin. Dead by Daylight also gets a quality of life update.
  • October 12th – Tome 13: Malevolence arrives, offering more backstory on killer Ghost Face and survivor Mikaela Reid.
  • October 13th – A specific Haunted by Daylight event takes place, running till November 3rd. This sees you collecting void energy to unlock cosmetics. Daily rewards also start running.
  • October 19th – Behaviour Interactive’s Halloween stream, which we hope is going to be called Hallowstream, takes place. You can expect the actual time to be revealed nearer to the date.
  • October 27th  – Running till Nov 1st, you can play Dead by Daylight for free across all platforms.
  • End of October – “Merch!”. In other words, Behaviour will be adding new items, potentially Halloween-themed ones, to their store.

You can find out more about these Halloween events from the official Dead by Daylight website. And if you subscribe to PlayStation Plus Extra or Xbox Game Pass you can play it for free right now.