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Customise Your Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller With Xbox Design Lab

Xbox Design Lab Elite Controllers

Xbox Elite Series 2 Controllers have joined the Xbox Design Lab, so you can create your own horrifyingly gaudy controller.

If you’re getting an odd sense of deja vu, don’t worry. The Xbox Design Lab has been around for a while so, yes, gamers have been able to craft their own nightmares for some time now. Some have also devised their own nostalgia-styled controllers, too. But now, Xbox Elite Series 2 Controllers have joined the line-up, so you can have pro performance and an eye-bleedingly awful aesthetic.

So what’s the catch, apart from the fact you have to wait for the controllers to arrive? Depending on how you customise the controller (whether you choose Elite-level paddles and so forth) it’s a little pricier than buying a standard Elite 2. It’ll cost you at least £20 over the standard price.

But, given that it’s recognisably your controller, no matter where you take it, tournaments and so on, it may well be worth the extra to you. You can also have it engraved though Microsoft will have screened out most of the usual swears, so, you’ll have to be really, really inventive.  Why not pick up a second-hand copy of Viz’s Roger’s Profanisaurus, available at a most good charity shops?

You can get started designing your Xbox Elite Series 2 at the Xbox Design Lab and ensure sure that no-one ever, ever mistakes your controller for their own.

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