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Diablo Immortal Has a New Contender in Undecember, Out Now on PC and Mobile

Step aside, Diablo Immortal, for there is a new challenger in town: Undecember. It’s a genuinely console-quality action RPG that’s just launched across mobile and PC.

What’s more, it features full cross-platform play across a wide range of devices. Not only that but you can play how you want, too, with touch controls, controllers and keyboard and mouse all supported. Language is no barrier either, as Undecember supports 10 at launch, including English, German, French and Japanese, amongst many more.

Undecember casts you as a Rune Hunter, the title of a powerful warrior that has to battle to prevent the resurrection of the 13 Evil God Serpents that threaten humanity. That involves setting out on an adventure throughout a stunning, if dark and visceral, fantasy world.

The story plays out across ten acts, with additional modes, like the Chaos Dungeon, Spire of Barrier, Void Rift, and Raids providing additional challenge and rewards. Much like in your favourite action RPGs, the gameplay involves slaughtering countless enemies, which burst into XP, gold, and loot upon death.

You then use these three vital currencies to boost the power of your character, unlocking, or purchasing, new skills and equipment.

Where Undecember differs though, is in its classless design. Rather than choose from a handful of predetermined options, like Barbarian, Necromancer, or Crusader, you’re truly free to build your character however you please here.

That’s great for fans of Path of Exile in particular, who don’t want to follow a handful of set builds and, instead, fancy playing it a bit more experimentally.

Undecember launches today across PC, iOS, and Android. To celebrate, developer Line Games is holding a week-long login event and in-game festival – both of which shower you with rewards just for playing.

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