Disney Dreamlight Valley Gems Guide: Where to Find All Gems

Disney Dreamlight Valley

Wondering where to find gems in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Our guide will tell you what region each type of gem can be found in.

You’ll need gems for various reasons in Disney Dreamlight Valley. They might be required for part of a quest, for crafting an item, or simply gifting to a friend. Thankfully, gems are abundant: to find them, you simply need to mine with your pickaxe at a mining point. But what type of gem you get will depend on what region you’re in. You see, each gem in Disney Dreamlight Valley is native to one or two regions.

Remember, you won’t find a gem every time you mine a rock. Each one has a chance to drop, and so you might end up with nothing other than rocks and ore. But stick with it, and you’ll eventually find the gems that you need. Thankfully, mining points refresh very quickly, so leave the area to do something else for a short while, and when you go back, you’ll be able to mine all over again.

Every gem can also drop in a standard variety, or a ‘Shiny’ variety. Annoyingly, ‘shiny’ gems can’t be used in recipes that require a standard version. But they are worth quite a lot more, so finding one is still a bonus.

So, if you’re looking for particular gems in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll find where to find it in our list below. We’ve also included their values to sell at Goofy’s stall. Happy mining!

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Gem Locations

Amethyst (Purple): Forgotten Lands, Frosted Heights (worth 500 coins, Shiny worth 2,000)

Aquamarine (Blue): Dazzle Beach, Forest of Valor (worth 250 coins, Shiny worth 1,000)

Citrine (Orange): Sunlit Plateau, Glade of Trust (worth 380 coins, Shiny worth 1,500)

Diamond (Blue): Forgotten Lands (worth 600 coins, Shiny worth 2,400)

Emerald (Green): Forest of Valor, Glade of Trust (worth 325 coins, Shiny worth 1,300)

Garnet (Red): Peaceful Meadow, Plaza (worth 160 coins, Shiny worth 640)

Ruby (Red): Vitalys Mines (entrance via Sunlit Plateau) (worth 1,000 coins, Shiny worth 4,000)

Sapphine (Blue): Vitalys Mines (worth 1,000 coins, Shiny worth 4,000)

Peridot (Green): Dazzle Beach, Peaceful Meadow (worth 200 coins, Shiny worth 800)

Topaz (Yellow): Plaza (worth 240 coins, Shiny worth 960)

Tourmaline (Pink): Frosted Heights, Sunlit Plateau (worth 420, Shiny worth 1,600)

Vitalys Crystal: Vitalys Mines (entrance via Sunlit Plateau) (worth 12 coins)

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