Disney Dreamlight Valley is Getting a Hotfix Update Next Week

Disney Dreamlight Valley money

Following from its major update last week, Disney Dreamlight Valley developer Gameloft has announced a hotfix coming to the game next week.

A hotfix is a small update to a game that will address a number of problems, primarily technical issues and bugs. The official Disney Dreamlight Valley Twitter account has revealed that such an update is coming to the game in the middle of next week, and it’ll address a number of issues.

The hotfix will aim to fix, amongst other things:

  • Xbox optimisations
  • Removing exhaustion effect
  • Adding a toggle for screen shake
  • Adding flashing effect toggle
  • Fixing issues with Restoring the Sunstone quest

There’ll no doubt be more issues addressed in the hotfix, and we can expect full patch notes to be available once the patch has gone live.

When will the hotfix be coming to Disney Dreamlight Valley? Gameloft has not given an exact date yet, but we can expect “mid next week”. The Twitter thread says a precise date and time will be shared early next week. But we’ll expect this to go live likely Wednesday or Thursday.

And so, if you’ve been having issues, hopefully this latest update will address them. We for one will be looking forward to the death of that annoying exhaustion effect. It exhausts us just looking at it.

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