Disney Dreamlight Valley is Showering Players With Halloween Treats

Disney Dreamlight Valley Halloween

Between now and 31st October, Disney Dreamlight Valley players will find their Plazas littered in Halloween treats.

Those treats come in the shape of orange trick-or-treat buckets, and interacting with them will gift you with a number of candies. Just like real Halloween! It seems that Disney Dreamlight Valley will also play host to some Halloween-themed Dreamlight Duties, according to this tweet on the game’s official Twitter account. And so you can hopefully make good use of all the candy you collect. Or simply eat, sell or gift it. Up to you.

You could also leave the trick-or-treat buckets exactly where they sit, giving your Dreamlight Valley Plaza a little spooky flair. But why let all that candy go to waste, when it’s yours for the taking?

It seems the buckets will only appear in the Plaza area – the central, starting area of Disney Dreamlight Valley just in front of the castle. But from our experience, they’re dropping regularly and seem to replenish over time. So pop in every day and spend some time picking up those treats, and you’ll amass a lot of candy in the next few days.

So: be sure to drop in, even just to enjoy this little Halloweeny treat. And if you’ve not played for a few weeks, remember that Disney Dreamlight Valley‘s first update has recently dropped, adding a new villager (Scar) and a new questline for players to engage in. You can read more about that here.

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