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Final Fantasy XIV Has Hit 27 Million Registered Players

Are you a Final Fantasy XIV player? So are 27 million other people, according Square Enix’s latest figures.

The figure was announced during the recent 14-hour Final Fantasy XIV stream, confirming that, despite its age, the MMORPG shows no sign of waning. The 27 million refers to the number of registered players, and while that doesn’t beat World of Warcraft’s 100+ million, it’s still pretty impressive.

It’s particularly surprising when you consider that the original Final Fantasy XIV was a commercial failure. But rather than ditching the game and moving on, Square Enix overhauled and relaunched the game, as “A Realm Reborn”.

And it worked. Four expansion packs followed, with the latest one, Endwalker, tasking you with averting the apocalypse. The latter proved so popular that people couldn’t get in to play it. Square Enix resolved the issue but, at the time, it wasn’t a good look.

The game does offer a free trial but it isn’t free to play, so its generating a steady source of income for Square Enix. On top of that, there are cosmetic microtransactions, so we don’t see the company pulling the plug any time soon.

In fact, Square Enix is planning on celebrating its players with several Final Fantasy XIV fan conventions, also announced during the stream. The Japanese convention is in 2024 but the others are set to take place in 2023. The events, dubbed the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festivals, take place as follows:

  • North America – Las Vegas, Nevada – Las Vegas Convention Center
    • 28th July – 29thJuly 2023
  • Europe – London, United Kingdom – The ExCel Centre
    • 21st October – 22ndOctober 2023
  • Japan – Venue TBD
    • Early 2024

There’s no news as to when tickets will go on sale but you can find out more from the official fan festival page.

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