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Back 4 Blood Halloween Content

Halloween is Coming to Back 4 Blood With Spooky Decorations, Sprays and More

Back 4 Blood’s survivors had better be ready for a fright, thanks to the game’s new Halloween content.

Oh, wait, they’ve been fighting for their lives, and humanity’s, against a parasitic zombie-worm. Now we think about it, ghosts, ghouls and other spooky beasties might actually be a step-down. But maybe that’s what they need and, as of today, Halloween is here in Back 4 Blood.

Some of the content, such as Halloween sprays, are things that you’ll have to dish out in-game. Others, such as Halloween decorations, should be there the next time you log in. Fort Hope, the base that your zombi.. “Ridden” killing cleaners operate from should be bedecked with Halloween goodies. We’d probably leave the candy alone, though.

Here’s the full list of content available in this co-op shooter. Remember, it’s on Xbox Game Pass so you can feast your eyes on the Halloween festivities absolutely free.

  • New seasonal character skins for Evangelo and Karlee
  • New legendary accessories
  • New “Intel” card type
  • New Halloween-themed titles, emblems and sprays
  • New weapon skins, incl. the Pumpkin Eater weapon skin
  • Fort Hope Halloween-themed decorations
  • Matchmaking for No Hope difficulty level

That last one isn’t particularly Halloweeny, but developer Turtle Rock Studio has been supporting and updating the game frequently since its release. We weren’t particularly impressed when it originally launched, but they’ve made an effort to fix and tweak things, difficulty included.

The Halloween content will be available from now until November 13th, when it’ll be removed from the game. You can pick up Back 4 Blood on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC (via the Epic Games Store or Steam). It’s also available free on Xbox Game Pass/PC Game Pass.

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