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Victoria 3 Review

How to Acquire a Resource in Victoria 3

Are you wondering how to acquire a specific resource when playing Victoria 3? Here’s everything you need to know.

Victoria 3 is based in an era where life was becoming ever more international at an unprecedented level. With that came ideas, technology, wars and horror. But the thing that changed the most was trade. And with trade comes resources. So: how do you acquire a resource in Victoria 3?

In Victoria 3 you will play at the precipice of global trade and with that come new goods and tools. If you are to prosper you will want to grab all there is to grab. You can see what resources and goods your population wants by clicking on the ‘market’ tab to the left of the screen. If you have a deficit of supply, you will see it marked in blue. 

Once you know what resource you want, you can able to acquire it in either of two ways: production or trading.

Producing a resource in Victoria 3

You can produce a resource yourself. Clicking on the resource gives you an overview of what the resource is, what it is used for and how it is made. It may then just be as simple as building the production. You may have an untapped resource that you can start extracting.

But this may not be as simple as it seems. Firstly, you must have the required technology researched in order to produce higher end resources. You also may have an issue when producing a resource that requires other resources to make, pushing the problem along the road. And even if you have all that, you also need the people qualified to run the building.

These problems have solutions, certain techs lower the workers needed or allow you to change the input of the resources needed. But creating the necessary chain of production can be time-consuming. And so, if you want a short-term solution then you can instead trade. More information about trading is available here.

Trading resources

Going back to the ‘resources’ tab, you can look at a resource’s value in your market and create imports or exports of them. You may find an affordable, even better way to acquire your resource in Victoria 3.

Again there may be problems. The trade may not be in your favour, meaning you would be better forgetting about the trade. The trade also costs bureaucracy for those you don’t have a trade deal with. A deficit of bureaucracy can really impact your tax income. And you may not be able to trade at all. If you have an isolationist trade policy, then you aren’t able to trade until you change that law.

These two options to gain resources are both useful and necessary – but you will have to judge what path to choose each time. Or even if it’s worth it at all.

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