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How to Build Factories in Victoria 3

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Do you need some help in figuring out how to build factories in Victoria 3? Here’s everything you need to know.

Bricks and mortar, for all the complications of modern life, is the foundation on which we live. It may be an era of enlightenment, political extremes and modern war but every philosopher, politician and soldier needs a roof over their head. Construction still is a core of developing your nation in Victoria 3, and so, how do you build factories?

Every area of your nation has the capacity for buildings. By clicking on a state, you will see what is already there and the national resources that can be produced within. Personal preference is to change from a grid view to rows, as it’s easier to comprehend. 

As long as you have the required technology, you will be able to construct production buildings, or factories, up to the total amount shown next to the resource. You will also have a set amount of space for agriculture. You will be able to choose to produce certain arable resources to that maximum in whatever ratio you desire. The arable resources available are dependent on the state’s geography. Sadly you can’t grow coffee in the Scottish Highlands.

You can also build new urban buildings such as factories or universities. All you do is have to click the plus to provide a drop down list.

The rate of construction depends on your total construction points and the efficiency of that construction. Efficiency determines how much construction can be spent on a singular building before overflowing to the next. You will have a base of five construction, and this can be improved by building up your construction sector at the bottom of the ‘buildings’ tab. You’ll also get to choose the resources used in these construction sectors. This can amplify your construction rate by the bucketload.

It is worth remembering that your government will be directly paying for these resources, and so construction sectors can be a big expense. Also, each building will add to your infrastructure needs and you will have to research and build railways and ports to combat this. Otherwise you will get low market access and low taxation capacity.

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