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Victoria 3 Review

How to Change a Law in Victoria 3

Are you unsure how to change a law in Victoria 3? Let us walk you through everything you need to know right here.

The fundamental basis of any society is set by the laws by which they govern. But too often they are a pain in the arse. Victoria 3 delivers an engaging system of laws that drastically change the way you run your economy, and captures the frustration of stubborn men who cling to the old ways. But how do you change a law in Victoria 3?

How to look at laws in Victoria 3

There are 15 areas of law in Victoria 3 and these are split equally into three sections:

  • Power Structure
  • Economy
  • Human Rights

Within each of those areas, you have a selection of options that you can choose. Those selections dictate how your market and nation works.

To see what laws are in place, go to the ‘law’ tab in the ‘politics’ display. You can look at the alternative policies available to you by clicking on a specific law. The alternatives are listed along with the power of the support or dissent for them. If you hover over these support values, it will break down which interest groups are backing or against these issues.

Unable to change a law?

You may see that some of the options have the ‘enact’ button greyed out. This is because they will have prerequisites that are needed to be ticked off before you are able to change the law to the policy you desire.

The most obvious of prerequisites is the need to have researched the policy’s corresponding technology. Hovering over the greyed-out policy will let you know the technology you are missing.

Another issue could be that you have a conflicting law already in place. For example, having ‘State Religion’ disallows you from enacting ‘Private Schools’, and vice versa. Any conflicts are stated by once again hovering over the policy.

Lastly, you need a ruling party to endorse this change of law. Each political group will have an opinion on prospective laws. If you hover over the enact bar for each policy, it will tell you these opinions. You’ll need at least one faction in government in order to propose the change of law.

You can reform your government in Victoria 3 in the ‘government’ tab of the ‘politics’ menu. You can then move political factions from government to opposition and vice-versa. A political faction will need at least 5% clout in order to be in government. Doing this causes an increase in rebelling people from interest groups that have been moved from government to opposition, except for a short time after an election (if your nation has them) as it is seen as a stable transition of power.

How to change a law in Victoria 3

If you have no conflicting laws, the right technology and someone in power to endorse the change, then you will be able to put it up for debate. There is still a way to go.

You will see a timer on the top right of your UI. This timer will be affected by the government’s legitimacy, so you will want to keep this as high as possible so that the debating goes quicker. You’ll need to be careful when arranging your government as you can essentially cause a standstill in progress. And if you anger interest groups too much they will also go into opposition by themselves, lowering your legitimacy and the pace of your timer.

When this timer reaches a checkpoint four things can happen:

  • It can be passed into law
  • It can advance, meaning that it will increase its percentage of success at the next checkpoint
  • It can stall, lowering the percentage chance of success at the next checkpoint
  • It will go to debate, in which a complication and normally an event occurs that affects the success rate of enacting the law

The law will keep going through checkpoints until you stop endorsing it or it succeeds.

The chances of success and failure are based on the ‘Clout’ of the political factions. Therefore in order to increase your chances of success you will want to know how to manipulate the power of these factions. You can read more about clout, and how to increase or decrease it, here.

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