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Gotham Knights Review 3

How to Glide in Gotham Knights

When you start playing Gotham Knights you’ll find that there’s one trick up Batman’s sleeve that you’re sorely missing: the ability to glide.

There’s nothing finer in the Arkham series than using your grappling hook to propel yourself in the air, before spreading your wings in order to glide over the skies of Gotham. And so you might be wondering: can you glide in Gotham Knights? And if so, how do you do it?

The good new is that you can indeed glide in Gotham Knights. The bad news is that you have to earn the right. Open up your challenge list, and you’ll find a section there called Knighthood. These are the challenges you kneed to complete in order to unlock the ability to glide. Thankfully you only have to complete the first batch of them, so it doesn’t take too long.

Timed Attack training can be completed back at the Belfry, while completing 10 Premeditated Crimes and defeating a handful of titans should come rather naturally as you play – just keep fighting crime whenever you come across it. Once these are done, you’ll be called back to the Belfry. Interact with the Batman shrine there, just at the side of the door, and you’ll gain your Knighthood status and be able to glide.

To glide, simply press and hold the right trigger when in the air. By pressing the evade button while gliding (Circle on PlayStation, B on Xbox), you can even perform a nosedive, which is great for gaining some speed.

Just be aware that Knighthood status has to be attained with each character. So, if you gain Knighthood status with Batgirl then switch to Red Hood, you’ll have to complete the challenges again as him to be able to glide. It’s a bit of a pain, but it’s worth it.

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