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How to Research in Victoria 3

Victoria 3 Review

Wondering how to get started with research in Victoria 3? We’ve rounded up everything you need to know right here.

The thrum of machinery and whizz of gears remind you that the industrial revolution was a time of great change and great innovation. Victoria 3 allows you to experience this and tasks you to research and become a fully realised industrial power house.

There are three individual research trees in Victoria 3. You can view them all by clicking the ‘research’ icon on the left of the screen. The three trees represent production, military and society. Despite there being separate trees, you will use the same method of acquisition for all research.

You’ll find an innovation value on the research screen, and you will gain that many points towards a chosen tech. You can only focus on one tech from any of the three trees at once, so pick carefully.

You can improve your innovation by building universities and improving their production modes when you are able to. The bigger your university, the higher your innovation – providing you can supply them with enough jobs and paper to be efficient. If you are going for a high tech playthrough, we suggest making paper mills to lower the cost of your university.

You can also gain modifiers for research in Victoria 3 based on political interest groups and their leaders. If they are happy with you and are significant powers in your nation, then they provide bonuses. Not just the Inteligencia provide tech bonuses: the armed forces will help you with military tech, for example.

Lastly, you can gain technology passively. If you are next to, trading with or have contact with nations that have technologies you don’t, then their research will spread to you. The speed of which is increased by how many universities you have and your literacy rate. Your literacy rate is bolstered by having educational institutions, which are established by passing educational laws. Then you’ll be able to invest more into education by going to the ‘institution’ tab on the politics page once they are up and running.

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