How to Solve the Picture Puzzle in Resident Evil Village Shadows of Rose

Resident Evil Village Winters' Expansion Shadows of rose review 1 (1)

Shadows of Rose wouldn’t be a Resident Evil expansion if it didn’t have puzzles, would it?

One that might cause you trouble as you make your way through Shadows of Rose is a picture puzzle. Head up the stairs in the main hall and in the room at the top you’ll find pictures hung on either side. Ahead is a box with a key inside, but you can’t get to it because there’s a protective gate. You need to put the pictures in the correct order to open it.

What order, you ask? Well, you need to place them so that they’re matched, predator and prey, with predators all on one side and prey on other. Pick up as many of the pictures you can. You’ll find that two pictures – wolves and butterfly – can’t be removed, so they determine which side the predators and prey need to be placed.

But there’s a problem: not all the pictures you need are initially present. The last picture of the puzzle in Shadows of Rose – depicting a snake – has to be obtained from another part of the castle. Worry not: just continue through the game, and you’ll be able to pick it up later.  You’ll come across it just after acquiring the silver mask. You can’t miss it – it’s on the way back to main hall.

With the snake picture in your inventory, go pack to the room with the rest of the pictures and hang them in the required order. The pictures that should be facing each other are:

  • Wolves and sheep
  • Snake and frog
  • Spider and butterfly

And that’s it: you’ve solved the picture puzzle in Shadows of Rose. Once all pictures are placed correctly the gate will open, allowing you to open the box and retrieve the key.

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