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Fallout Lego

LEGO Fallout is a Fantastic, Playable Work-in-Progress

It’s early days for LEGO Fallout but roaming around a blocky post-apocalyptic world is still quite something.

After LEGO’s Horizon Forbidden West Tallneck we’ve had our fingers crossed for a LEGO Fallout set. Heck, we’d pay stupid money for some kind of modular range that let us build our own Fallout Shelter style vault. LEGO hasn’t delivered as yet, but thanks to developer ThrillDaWill you can explore a whole blocky Fallout wasteland.

LEGO Fallout (spotted by PCGamesN) is in its early, early stages, consisting mainly of a vault and a big patch of wasteland. But, playable on PC, it’s still a joy to mess around with and deserves  to be developed further.

We hit a glitch that literally made our character two-faced, but that didn’t stop us from having a real blast. We zapped brick Radroaches, shoved Nuka Cola caps in our pockets, and messed around till we actually had to do some proper work.

Even better, the playable build is free, available from Itch.io here. Even if it doesn’t become a full product – we’d imagine it’d take years to deliver – it’s still a fantastic curio. And it’s built from the ground up, it’s not a mod for an existing Fallout title. Of course, if LEGO and Bethesda want to give ThrillDaWill a job, it could be available sooner.

And, while LEGO Fallout may not be a physical reality, check out our list of the best gaming-themed LEGO sets you can buy.

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