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Let's Sing ABBA

Let’s Sing ABBA Review

With the party season soon to be upon us, maybe it’s time to get some practice in. You know, stretch those vocal chords for the inevitable bouts of karaoke you’ll be engaging in.

If you’ve got a games console, there’s perhaps no easier way to do so than to invest in one of the numerous entries in the Let’s Sing series. Each one packs in a large number of songs, and has a range of modes to suit all occasions. Even better, you don’t need traditional microphones to play. It’s better if you do, but you can also simply download an app on your phone and use that if it’s easier.

But you’ll know all this if you’ve played a Let’s Sing title before. You can just go back to any of them if you want to get singing again and aren’t too picky about your selection of songs. If you’re an ABBA fan though, there’s a new entry in the Let’s Sing series that you might be interested in. Featuring 31 of ABBA’s greatest hits, Let’s Sing ABBA is a must have for fans of the band keen to show off their singing skills.

From classics such as Mamma Mia, Waterloo and Dancing Queen, to new tracks such as I Still Have Faith in You, if you want to sing it, chances are Let’s Sing ABBA has it. There are some genuine belters here, many of which even those who don’t consider themselves fans of ABBA won’t mind singing along to in the name of fun. It’s just a shame that, beyond the songs, nothing else in Let’s Sing ABBA feels remotely new.

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All of the modes on offer are exactly the same as the last few Let’s Sing releases. That means there’s Legend and World Contest modes for those that want to go it alone, allowing players to test their singing abilities in a campaign full of challenges and by competing against other players’ performances. As ever though, Let’s Sing ABBA is as its best when when there are a group of players willing to unleash their vocal chords .

Classic mode allows up to four players to simply sing songs without any twists. There even needn’t be any competition. Up to four players can take part in Mixtape mode, too, which sees five songs being smooshed together to keep players on their toes. There’s also Feat. mode which has players singing duets. And Let’s Party mode allows up to eight players to organise themselves into two teams before competing across a number of challenge-laden performances.

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Needless to say, there are plenty of modes here, but it’s just a shame that there are no new ones. Or simply innovations in general. With just a new batch of songs and ABBA-themed avatars, Let’s Sing ABBA feels like it could have been delivered as DLC rather than a standalone game. But on the bright side, at least it allows newcomers to the series an easier way to access these ABBA hits if they’re all that they’re interested in.

Ultimately, whether or not you should pick up Let’s Sing ABBA unsurprisingly depends on how much you love the band’s music. The game itself is presented well, as ever, and there’s a decent range of modes. But the only things that are genuinely new here are the music tracks and the avatars. And so, if you want to sing your heart out with hits such as Knowing Me, Knowing You or Money, Money, Money, you can’t go wrong. But if not, why are you even reading this review?

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This review of Let’s Sing ABBA is based on the PS5 version, with a code provided by the game’s publisher. It’s available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Switch.

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