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Multiversus Stripe

Multiversus Adds Stripe from Gremlins and a Heap of Halloween Items

Stripe from Gremlins is the latest Multiversus playable fighter!

If your response to that is “Who?”, thanks for making us feel very, very old. 1984’s Gremlins was a comedy horror that saw a family adopting a cute little fuzzy creature known as Gizmo but not paying enough attention to his care. Gizmo already joined free-to-play platform fighter Multiversus and now Stripe, his nemesis from that movie, has been added to the game.

He’s a proper, new playable fighter, not just a reskin for Gizmo and has some suitably nasty moves. He can wield a chainsaw, buzzsaw and is an Assassin class character. All of which is pretty cool; we’re fans of the game, so more fighters is always good.

However, that’s not the most exciting Multiversus related news this week. Also, WB Games has revealed that their Halloween event, running from now until November the 8th, will feature the following purchasable cosmetics:

  • Black Lantern Superman character variant
  • Black Lantern Wonder Woman character variant
  • Frankenstein Iron Giant character variant
  • Vampire Tom and Jerry character variant
  • Witch Velma character variant
  • Count Scooby ringout
  • Twick or Tweet ringout
  • Boo! profile icon (purchase with Gold)
  • Diana Undead Wonder Woman profile icon (purchase with Gold) – The Darkness Grows Superman profile icon (purchase with Gold) – A Very Normal Pumpkin Patch banner
  • Full Moon Surprise banner
  • Ghoulish Delights banner
  • It Might Be Haunted banner

Yes, we normally raise an eyebrow at microtransactions, but Black Lantern Superman? Black Lantern Wonder Woman? If you’re unfamiliar with DC’s Black Lantern storyline, they’re essentially zombie versions of the normal characters. We’re sorely tempted to snap them up.

Aside from paying for Halloween content, you can also win extra content by playing the Monster Mash in-game event. That’ll let you win items such as the Calico Cake Jake the Dog character variant, Mummy Reindog character variant, Pumpkin
Patch profile icon and Jack-o-Lantern sticker emote.

You can find out more about Multiversus from the official website and get the game on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC. Or if you’ve already got it and need a little help, check out our Multiversus guides.

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