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Narrative Puzzler Annie and the AI Will Feature a Non-Evil Computer

Annie and the AI

Annie and the AI, arriving next year, sees the titular Annie creating an artificial intelligence. Only in this game, you’re not Annie, you’re the AI.

Dubbed Esme, you’ll be on the receiving end of Annie’s problems, aside from trying to figure out your own existence. On the one hand, it looks as if Annie’s whole project revolves around craft a convincing, artificial life but, on the other, she seems also to be using you as an emotional sounding board. We’re curious to see how Annie and the AI will handle that.

Yes, this has shades of Eliza, one of the first chatbots and a supposedly therapeutic one, but there’s set to be a lot of puzzling involved too. Developer NoSleepGames reports that’ll have ..” a strong focus on existentialism and self-reflection”, though going rogue and extinguishing humanity won’t figure into things.

Annie herself will be voiced by Katy Bentz, who played Steph in Life is Strange: True Colors. She’s desctibed as “..a shut-in programmer who spends most of her time working on her personal projects, taking care of her father, and bending to the whims of her authoritative sisters.”

In other words, she’s got plenty of troubles of her own. Can you solve them? And should you even be trying to? You can find out when Annie and the AI launches this February 2023, arriving on PC. In the meantime, you can check out the trailer above and wishlist it on Steam. 

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