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PUBG: Battlegrounds Has Joined Forces With Dead by Daylight

PubG Battlegrounds Dead by Daylight Crossover

PUBG: Battlegrounds has crossed over with Dead by Daylight and it’s not just costumes.

Sure, in-game Halloween costumes can be cool, particularly if you don’t have to pay real money for the costumes in question. But PUBG Studios, developers of PUBG: Battlegrounds , have taken things a step further and borrowed several mechanics from Dead by Daylight.

We do mean borrowed, not stolen. This is an official crossover and the new Dead by Daylight mode sounds like an awful lot of fun. In it, characters struggle to fix generators, flip switches and escape before the Killer catches them. You can read full details here, but if you’ve played DbD before, you’ll have a distinct advantage.

There are a couple of obvious differences between this and Dead by Daylight, however. The first is that the killer is armed so, while Dead by Daylight has its share of weapons, here you’ve got to worry about being shotgunned in the face. Also, there’s no skewering players here, instead they’re dragged off to blue lockers.

You can earn rewards by playing this mode, though there are also skins that can only be purchased from the in-game shop. It certainly looks fun, to the point where it should perhaps become a permanent fixture. Will it? We doubt that’s going to happen since Dead by Daylight would essentially be giving players an incentive not to play their game.

But if you’re a PUBG fan we’d encourage you to dive in while you can. The mode is available during the follow times:

  • PDT: October 21, 12 AM – PST November 6, 11 PM
  • CEST: October 21, 9 AM – CET November 7, 8 AM
  • KST: October 21, 4 PM – November 7, 4 PM

The Dead by Daylight mode will be available on PC, Xbox and PlayStation. PUBG: Battlegrounds itself is free to download and doesn’t require an Xbox Gold or PlayStation Plus subscription.

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