What is Today’s Quordle Answer? 3 October


Wondering what the answer to today’s Quordle is? We’ve got you covered.

Quordle is a riff on Wordle, the daily word game that’s taken the world by storm. In Wordle, you have six guesses to correctly identify a five-letter word. Quordle is essentially the same, but instead of guessing just one word, you need to guess four words at once. If you’re struggling to guess today’s Quordle answer on 3 October, we’re here to help.

Each guess populates four grids at the same time, with each grid having a different solution. Unlike Wordle though, you have nine chances to get all four words. Once you get the hang of it, it’s easier than it sounds.

Just like Wordle, the letters you guess are colour-coded. Letters that are correct but in the wrong place will show up in yellow. If a letter is correct and in the right place, it’ll show up in green. Letters that aren’t in the word at all will show up in grey. (Your colours may be different depending on your device’s settings.)

And so, with each guess you make, you should get closer to the answer. But it’s not always easier. That’s why we’re here to help you solve today’s Quordle.

Want some tips to try to guess Quordle before we reveal the answer to you? Read our Quordle tips

Tips and clues for today’s Quordle

Still struggling to get the answers? Let us give you some tips to help you along with today’s Quordle on 3 October.

  • Two words begin with S
  • There are no As or Os
  • Every word begins with a consonant

How about some crossword-style clues for each word?

  1. Make minor changes to
  2. Perfect with a Sunday roast
  3. Fret impatiently
  4. Talk with excessive pride or self satisfaction

Quordle answer on 3 October

Were those clues helpful? If not, here is the solution to Quordle for today, 3 October. These are the four answers, starting in the top left and finishing in the bottom right:


Previous Quordle answers

Wondering about previous answers? Here are the Quordle words from previous days:

  • 30 September: PUBIC, ENNUI, UNDUE, EXCEL
  • 29 September: FLINT, FLAIL, HAZEL, RUMBA
  • 28 September: UNCLE, BEGUN, GROWN, SAFER
  • 27 September: LARGE, LEECH, MUDDY, SHIRK
  • 26 September: ENDOW, TWEET, COVER, AUDIT
  • 25 September: DONUT, GNASH, RECUR, SHYLY
  • 24 September: HAREM, GAILY, TRITE, KNEAD
  • 23 September: SHALL, DWELL, CRUST, WILLY

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