Resident Evil Village Gold Has a Few Interesting Surprises in Store

Resident Evil Village

Capcom’s PlayStation-hosted Resident Evil Showcase has revealed the odd surprise or three about Resident Evil Village Gold.

Were there any new Resident Evil games announced at the showcase? No – sorry, Code Veronica fans, you’re still being cruelly denied a remake. But, framed by a frankly sinister voice-over from Resident Evil Village’s Duke, we got a look at at both Resident Evil Village Gold and the upcoming Resident Evil 4 remake.

We look at the Resident Evil 4 remake here, however, there were also a few interesting revelations and titbits about Gold.

You can check out the trailer below, but here are the points that really piqued our interest:

  • The Shadows of Rose takes place in a ream of consciousness, so anything can happen.
  • Rose can use her powers to defended herself, in concert with more traditional hand weapons.
  • The Duke, or a version of him, may well be an antagonist – he certainly acts more aggressively than in the main game. It’s been heavily implied he was, originally, going to be a boss in vanilla Village.
  • If you play in third person but try to look at Ethan’s face, he turns away.
  • There’s a demo of the third person mode available, on all platforms, that’ll let you play for 60 minutes.

Resident Evil Village Gold will be available next week, both as a new game and as a paid update. Hang on.. paid? Yes, the paid/not paid status of Gold has been a little muddy, with Capcom mentioning “ additional DLC for titles such as
Monster Hunter Rise and Resident Evil Village.

However, it appears the accessibility update accompanying the game is set to be free, not the content itself. Resident Evil Village Gold, and the DLC (including the third person and Mercenaries mode), will launch next week on PC, Xbox and PlayStation. It’ll also hit the Nintendo Switch as a cloud release.

In the meantime, you can download a 60 minute demo of the game’s third-person mode. Or why not read our review of the original, vanilla, Resident Evil Village here.

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