Scar is Our New Favourite Disney Dreamlight Valley Character

Disney Dreamlight Valley Scar

We were initially a little dubious about Scar landing in Disney Dreamlight Valley. After all, the valley is a nice place. Do we really need another villain?

Turns out yes, Disney Dreamlight Valley really does need another villain, because Scar is excellent, and might just be our new favourite resident out of them all. Not only does he look fantastic – just as a 3D Scar should – but his dialogue and mannerisms are absolutely spot-on, giving him perhaps the most authentic personality of any of the characters in the game so far.

Sure, Mickey and Minnie and friends, with their unwavering enthusiasm and never-ending happiness, are perhaps just as you’d expect them to be. But it’s annoying. Who can be that happy all the time? Scar, on the other hand, exudes indifference and sarcasm, and he’s absolutely a character we can relate to.

From the subtle suggestions that he might eat some of your favourite residents to his narcissistic self-importance, practically every line that Scar says – whether it’s spoken dialogue or simply written – makes us smile. We’re particularly fond of his feigned pleasure when we give him a gift. Although perhaps he does genuinely like the flowers that we keep giving him.

His animations are also superb, too. It’s a treat walking around Dreamlight Valley and seeing him sat in a random corner of the map, paws stretched out in front of him. His animators have captured the nuances of a big cat wonderfully; the way he moves around is a joy to watch.

We’ve not been able to engage much with Scar’s quests yet – the first quest from him requires a few days of waiting for something to grow. But we’re excited to see what else this tricky old lion has in store for us. No doubt every new interaction will have us grinning like one of his hyenas.

Speaking of… hopefully Ed gets added at some point, too!