Shadows of Hyrule is a Gloomier Take on The Legend of Zelda’s Music

Shadows of Hyrule

Shadows of Hyrule, the latest in a series of albums riffing on the Legend of Zelda’s music, has just been released.

It’s the work of ROZEN, an artist whose albums Sins of Hyrule, Ballads of Hyrule, and Children of Termina also feature new takes on the long-running RPG series’ soundtracks. But Shadows of Hyrule is set to be ROZEN’s gloomiest take yet.

No, we’re not entirely sure why you’d take a generally upbeat fantasy series and daub it in pancake make-up and black eyeliner. But the result is actually rather good, a gloomier, semi-orchestral reimagining of some familiar tracks. Even if you’ve never played any of the The Legend of Zelda games, and think Zelda is the guy with the sword, it’s still well worth a listen.

And we do mean listen because, thanks to Spotify and Bandcamp, you can fill your ears with Shadows of Hyrule’s tracks before, if you so choose, purchasing it digitally, on cd, or on vinyl. The tracks featured on the album are as follows:

  1. The Decline of Hyrule
  2. Forlorn Hero
  3. Sanctuary Dungeon
  4. Fires of War
  5. Forest Temple
  6. Gerudo Valley
  7. Light Spirit’s Elegy
  8. Song of Storms and Flames
  9. Awaken the Dragon
  10. Hyrule Castle
  11. Serpent Dragon Dinraal: Aspect of Din, The Corrupted One 13. The Divine Princess
  12. Transcendence
  13. Shadows of Hyrule

You can experience, and purchase, the album through several sources, such as Spotify, Bandcamp, the iTunes store and more. You can pre-order the physical CD or album through 8Merch and Bandcamp, but they’re not out just yet. Clicking this link will let you choose where to go, though bear in mind that Bandcamp gives artists a bigger chunk of cash than iTunes.

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