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PlayStation 5 Dualsense Edge

Sony’s DualSense Edge, a Pricey Premium PS5 Controller, Arrives This January

Sony’s DualSense Edge is coming this January and it could be the high-performance controller PlayStation owners have been waiting for.

We don’t just mean PlayStation 5 owners, either. Yes, it’ll only work on the PlayStation 5 but the PlayStation 4 never got an official premium controller, either. While Xbox One owners upped their game with the Xbox Elite Wireless controller, PlayStation 4 players had to use the regular DualShock 4.

A couple of companies did step up with their own controllers. ExtremeRate, for example, created the HexGaming controller, using the guts of a PlayStation 4 controller. And, while it’s not an official Sony product, we were still pretty impressed by it when we reviewed it.

Now, Sony has caught up with the DualSense Edge, which promises a wealth of pro-gamer oriented features. These features include “button remapping, the ability to fine-tune stick sensitivity and triggers, options to swap between multiple control profiles, and a unique on-controller user interface”. In short, you can customise the controller to your hearts content.

Aside from a snazzy case, the DualSense Edge will include:

  • USB braided cable
  • 2 Standard caps
  • 2 High dome caps
  • 2 Low dome caps
  • 2 Half dome back buttons
  • 2 Lever back buttons

The programmable buttons are a particularly big deal, meaning you can activate controls with your middle finger. On a regular controller, three fingers on each hand generally rest under the controller, doing nothing in particular. That’s not the case here, which is going to be a big boon when it comes to FPSes.

So, after seven years of the Xbox One having the Xbox Elite Wireless controller, has Sony finally levelled the playing field? Er, no. There’s a problem. The controller will sell for a massive €239.99/£209.99/$199.99.

That’s essentially half the price of the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition and, right now, $45 more than the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2. Or, if you’re in the UK, you’re looking at a £67 price difference. Yes, it’s aimed at professional gamers, or those who are prepared to pay for an extra edge, but that’s still an awful lot of money for a controller.

If you do feel like putting down your hard earned cash, pre-orders should start from October 26th, including via PlayStation Direct. The controller will launch globally this June 26th.

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