The Best Party Games on PS5

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Wanting to find a great party game to play with your friends and family on PS5? Ah, we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for.

The PlayStation 5 has been around for almost two years now, with the selection of native games available for it growing ever larger each week. That means there are plenty of great party games that have been made especially for PS5 – but if you consider all the PS4 games that you can play via backwards compatibility, there are tonnes.

And so, with so many party games on PS5 to choose from, how do you know which ones are the best? Hopefully we can help. We’ve rounded up a selection of the best games to play locally with friends and family here. Browse through them and see which ones jump out to you. We’ve included a range of games that should suit all kinds of parties: kids, families, couples, adults – no matter your set-up, you should have a good time with one of these party games.

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1. The Jackbox Party Pack 9

Jackbox Party Pack 9 - Nonsensory

There are nine Jackbox Party Pack games to choose from, and each one has their merits. Each bundling up five easy-to-play party games, they haven’t all been created equal. You’ll likely find games you like and games that aren’t so great in each bundle. The latest of the series, the brand new Jackbox Party Pack 9 happens to be one of our favourites, however. Whichever one you choose, there will be at least one or two games in there that you and your party will enjoy.

The great thing about the Jackbox games is that you don’t need multiple controllers to play. Each player just needs their own phone or tablet. Logging onto Jackbox’s website allows you to connect to the game. It also means eight players – sometimes way more – can play at once, which is something most other games can’t offer. With titles like Fibbage, that challenges you to outwit your friends with funny untruths, or Quixort, that tests your general knowledge, there’s a lot of fun to be had with The Jackbox Party Pack 9.

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2. Let’s Sing 2022

Let's Sing 2022 1

House parties are the perfect time to bring out the karaoke machine. Except: who even needs a karaoke machine in the year 2022? Nobody, that’s who. Thanks to the Let’s Sing series, all you need is a console and a few microphones (or smartphones), and you’ve got a singing party that everyone can get involved with.

Let’s Sing 2022 is the latest game from the franchise, bundling together 30 tracks; a nice mix of new and old. This one has Wham!’s Last Christmas, making it perfect for a festive gathering. You can co-operatively sing with your friends and family, or you can challenge each other to see who can get the highest score. There are plenty of ways to play, and so if you and your party enjoy belting out a tune, Let’s Sing 2022 is one of the best party games you can play on PS5.

Maybe just apologise to the neighbours next time you see them.

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3. Monopoly Madness

Monopoly Madness

Monopoly is an all-time favourite board game, but Monopoly Madness takes the formula and completely turns it on its head. This isn’t a stuffy game where all players take it in turns to make a move, oh no. In Monopoly Madness, everyone plays at the same time. It’s more of a competitive brawler than a board game, although your goals are very similar to traditional Monopoly. You’re still trying to buy up as many properties as possible to amass the most wealth. But you can literally fight your opponents out of your way… something that’s generally frowned up on in a standard game of Monopoly.

Playing on a small map, houses pop up for action sporadically. You’ll want to outbid your opponents, or simply stop them bidding altogether by pushing them out of the way. Even when you’ve bought property, though, you’ll need to protect it; various power-ups mean your opponents could steal them from under your nose at any moment. It’s chaotic, it’s fun, and it’s one of the best party games you can play on PS5.

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4. Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl

A Super Smash Bros. type game, Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl allows up to four players to compete against each other and, well, brawl to the death. Well, not actual death: this is a family-friendly game after all. We assure you that all competing characters are absolutely fine after a match. There’s a pretty sizeable roster featuring characters from your favourite Nickelodeon cartoons: Spongebob, Reptar from The Rugrats, Invader Zim and more. Garfield’s available as a bonus character, too.

Each character has a range of moves up their sleeve, allowing them to attack their opponents close up or at range. The goal is to knock everyone out of the area enough times and be the last one standing. When you’re playing with friends and family, it can be riotous – but it’s rather competitive, so be warned! If you’re up for some healthy competition though, this is one of the best party games on PS5.

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5. Cake Bash

Cake Bash 2 (1)

Cake Bash is not only one of the best party games on PS5, it’s also one of the most adorable. Battling it out? With cake? Count us in.

It’s made up of several minigames, with the overall challenge of being the tastiest, most desirable cake in the cake stand. Some games will have you literally battling it out against other cakes, trying to push them out of the way so you can reign victorious. Other minigames will see you trying to roast the perfect marshmallow (harder than it sounds), or avoiding getting hit by a fork while standing on a cake.

It’s incredibly random, but that’s what makes Cake Bash so much fun. Up to four players can join it at once, and it’s so easy to pick up that anyone can play. It’s almost as fun as actually eating cake. And we love eating cake, so that’s high praise.

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6. It’s Quiz Time

It's Quiz Time Header

It’s Quiz Time is a good old-fashioned quiz game presented with a modern twist. And if you enjoy testing out your general knowledge (alongside movie, games and pop culture trivia), then this is one of the best party games on PS5.

There’s over 25,000 questions in the game, so chances are you’ll rarely get duplicates even if you play multiple games. There are multiple modes to choose from, and you can select your favourite topics if you want to ensure you impress your friends with your knowledge. Basically, if you played Buzz! in the days of PS2/PS3, you’ll certainly get a kick out of It’s Quiz Time.

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