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The Callisto Protocol Has a Haunting New Story Trailer

The Callisto Protocol Story Trailer

The Callisto Protocol’s new story trailer gives us the chills and it’s nothing to do with the nasties roaming around.

Sure, the monsters featured in The Callisto Protocol’s story trailer are absolutely gross and the graffiti urging you to sever their tentacles suggests just gunning them down won’t be enough. If the latter sounds slightly familiar, it should. Several of The Callisto Protocol team also worked on the original Dead Space, which also had you chopping off zombie limbs.

The trailer also reveals that, unlike Dead Space’s Isaac Clarke, protagonist and prisoner Jacob Lee is fairly talkative. His desire to escape from Callisto’s Black Iron Prison is, in his mind, more important than uncovering whatever horrors have infested Jupiter’s second-largest moon. That position isn’t shared by some of the other NPCs. At least one of them values the truth over actually surviving till the end credits.

However, what really has us unsettled us the revelation that, before Black Iron was built, there was a human colony. Why? It’s the combination of outer space and deserted buildings that gives us the chills. Just imagine if, at the end of Aliens, Sigourney Weaver and co hadn’t defeated the Aliens. Would you want to move into the ruins of LV-426?

Sure, The Callisto Protocol’s definitely-not-evil corporation might have repurposed Callisto as a prison but it’s still a disturbing notion. There’s no-one coming to the rescue, and the former colony underlines the horrifying fate that could await you. So, cheery stuff, then.

You can check out The Callisto Protocol’s story trailer above; it’s less gory than the last trailer but still isn’t what we’d call work safe. You can also pick the game up when it hits PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC (via the Steam Store or Epic Games Store) this December 2nd.

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