The Next Blade & Soul Update Adds a New Musician Class and More

Blade & Soul Musician

The next Blade & Soul update will add a new Musician class to the MMORPG, as well as a handful of new dungeons.

The Musician’s skills don’t, unfortunately, include smacking someone in the head with a lute. Nor can you disable your foes by playing the brown note on a set of cursed panpipes. Instead, players will be able to play their instrument to defend or support others, a role you can change on the fly. At least you can from October 12th, when this Blade & Soul update arrives.

What’s really interesting, however, is that you can play your instrument out of combat. There are 24 distinct notes, which should be enough for a song or six million. We give it a day before YouTube has sixteen different in-game renditions of Darude’s Sandstorm.

New class aside, the update will add horse mounts and the Demonsbane dungeon called “Grim Nexus”. The latter is intended for high-level players, offering a real challenge despite their buffed-up characters. On top of this, there’ll be several quality of life improvements, as follows:

UI Improvements

  • Dungeon Party UI and Transmutation UI have both been improved. * An option to clean up damage numbers on screen will also be added.

Equipment Guide

  • The Equipment guide feature will show you upgrade paths and the materials required to upgrade your gear. This will help you make decisions on upgrading your gear.

Move All Storage Button

  • All duplicate items in both your Inventory and Storage can now be moved to your Storage with a click of a button. Adds the “Move All” Button to the Bottom of the Storage Menu.

The update, dubbed Symphony of Destruction, arrives this October 12th. And if you’ve yet to tackle Blade & Soul, this fantasy MMORPG is free-to-play on iOS, Android and PC.