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There’s a New Silent Hill Reveal Happening This Wednesday

Silent Hill Transmission

Konami has announced that there’ll be a Silent Hill update stream this Wednesday. Could we be getting a new game?

Dubbed Silent Hill Transmission, the stream will feature “the latest updates for the SILENT HILL series”. It’s been ten years since we got Downpour, so the prospect of a new Silent Hill game is certainly interesting.

Yes, there was Silent Hills, Hideo Kojima’s would-be game, but Konami (who own the rights to the series) cancelled it. And there have been rumours that Bloober Team is working on a new entry. We know for sure that Konami and Bloober are working together on something.

However, some of the rumours were apparently just plain made up, as admitted by a streamer who, under a fake identity, “revealed” these rumours. Since this Wednesday’s stream comes straight from the skinless horse’s mouth, we should get the truth.

Except.. it’s much harder to be enthusiastic about the series than it used to be. Yes, we’re interested in Konami’s Wednesday reveal. Are we excited about it? Only a little. For a start, it’s entirely possible that “the latest updates” is a second wave of skateboards or a range of NFTs.

Secondly, ever since Konami disbanded the original team, Silent Hill games have been a mixed bag. Homecoming was good, even if it did borrow the otherworld effect from the first movie. Downpour, on the other hand, was more middling.

Put simply, the Silent Hill is no longer a guarantee of quality survival horror. On top of that, since it has been ten years since the last game, Konami will have to work hard to rekindle enthusiasm for the series.

Still, we have our fingers crossed that we’ll get a new, good game. The stream will take place this Wednesday, October 19th, at 2:00 PM PDT / 10:00 PM BST. The company hasn’t announced the location for the steam but you can expect it to be streamed via their YouTube channel.

In the meantime, check out our list of Silent Hill games ranked from worst to best.

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