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Core Keeper Halloween Update

This Halloween, Core Keeper is Getting a Little Spookier

Core Keeper is going to get super-spooky, just in time for Halloween.

Yes, playing Core Keeper and roaming subterranean, monster-filled caverns is a little eerie in itself. Between The Descent and The Cave we’ve learnt that, short of rescuing trapped people, nothing good can come of underground exploration. And even then, there’s a significant chance that those calling for “help” are actually flesh-hungry cave mutants.

But Core Keeper’s Halloween event promises to make things even creepier than that. You’ll be able to unlock a variety of Halloween outfits, vampire capes, pumpkin heads and so on. On top of that you can grow “Grumpkins” by gathering Grumpkin seeds. There’s no mention of Grumpkin Pie but we have our fingers crossed.

Equipment wise you can also pick up a Pumpkin Lantern and.. a Samhain Curse Ring? We’ll pass on that last on – we’ve seen enough horror movies to know that any cursed or curse-related items should be sealed in concrete and tossed into the ocean. Let’s see Sadako pay us a visit when our TV’s at the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

However, Core Keeper’s monsters are also getting into on the act. You’ll get to battle vampire-looking Big Larvas, Caveling Brutes dressed as Frankenstein’s monster and more. These changes should be cosmetic, so you won’t have the Big Larva trying to suck your blood or hypnotise you, but it’s a cool touch.

The Halloween event will take place this October 25th and run till November 8th. If you’ve not experienced the joys of underground crafting and monster-bashing, Core Keeper is currently available on PC through Steam Early Access. It’s regularly receiving new updates, such as the beautiful Sunken Sea biome, and is well worth diving into. We still think caving is nightmare fuel, though.

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