Check Out These Incredible Video Game-Themed Halloween Pumpkins

Image: Insert Coin/Twitter

When we carve a pumpkin, we manage to get about as fancy as a Jack-o-lantern face.

Two triangles for eyes and a big, wide smile. It’s not that difficult. But some folk manage to get way more technical with their autumn fruits β€” we’re talking detailed faces, fancy scene recreations and, most impressively, video game characters.

Since it’s Halloween, we’ve been trawling Twitter to find some of the best video game-themed pumpkins from these year and years past. Talented pumpkin-carvers, we salute you.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

It’s-a me, Cappy

It’s-a me, Mario

Okay, not a carving per se, but this pumpkin Mario (pumpkio? Marpkin?) is too adorable not to share.


Gotta carve fast

The official SEGA account putting us all to shame with an absolutely beautiful Sonic the Hedgehog pumpkin. Hashtag pumpkin goals.

Carve Guys

Gotta carve ’em all

It’s dangerous to carve alone – take this

Resident Pumpkin

Ratchet & Carve

Spyro the Pumpkin