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What Difficulty Should You Play Gotham Knights On?

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With Batman dead, Gotham Knights lets you take control of one of his protégés in order to investigate the circumstances of his death and maintain order in Gotham city.

Needless to say, with Gotham as crime-ridden as it is, you’ve got your work cut out for you. The good news is, thanks to online co-op, you don’t have to work alone. But even then, things aren’t going to be easy. Well, unless you want them to be. You see, Gotham Knights lets you choose the difficulty of your adventure before you begin. But you might be wondering: what difficulty is right for you?

For most players, we reckon Normal difficulty is the right one to choose in Gotham Knights. Select Normal, and combat can be challenging at times but not overly so. The same goes for stealth: with skill you can sneakily take down enemies, but they’ll react more realistically to you being in their field of view. Add in the fact that you’ll need to keep finding and crafting new gear to stay on the same power level as your opponents, and you have the recipe for a very enjoyable adventure indeed.

In fact, those who really want to capitalise on the action RPG aspects of Gotham Knights might even want to play on Hard difficulty. It makes enemies more dangerous, putting emphasis on levelling up your character, making effective use of skills and obtaining the best gear. You might have trouble on Hard at times, but it’s certainly manageable with a bit of effort.

Easy and Very Easy difficulties should only be considered by those who are only interested in the story of Gotham Knights. Easy offers just a little challenge, while Very Easy is a cakewalk. They take some of the fun out of the combat, and make gearing up less important.

Ultimately though, you can change the difficulty at any time by simply going into the options menu. So, choose the difficulty that seems appropriate to you and then change it as you play if necessary. You can even just change it for one battle or mission if you wish.

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