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Who Are The Cast of A Plague Tale: Requiem?

A Plague Tale Requiem

A Plague Tale: Requiem features several of the same characters as its prequel, but does it have the same cast? Read on.

If you’re like us, you might have detected something a little different about A Plague Tale: Requiem’s actors, something you couldn’t quite put your finger on. Could it be that this sequel has a new set of actors? It happens, for various reasons. So who, then plays Amicia, Hugo and company in the English-language version of the game?

The answer is not as straightforward as you might think. There are in fact, two sets of actors for most main Requiem characters. One actor performed motion capture while the other provided the voice. But, for sake of argument, let’s assume we’re talking about voice actors.

Amicia and Hugo are voiced by the same actors as in Innocence: Charlotte McBurney and Logan Hannan respectively. They both do a superb job, but the reason they sound a little different at first is that they’re not putting on a French accent. This doesn’t diminish their performances, but if you’ve played A Plague Tale: Innocence it’s noticeable until you get used to it.

Alchemist Lucas, on the other hand, has changed voice actor. Kit Connor voices Lucas in Requiem, whereas Edan Hayhurst voiced him in Innocence. And Katherine Pageon played Amicia’s mother Beatrice in the original game but in this sequel, she’s voiced by Lucy Briggs-Owen.

When you complete A Plague Tale: Requiem, you’ll be able to watch the full list of credits go by, from programmers through to motion capture performers, plus voice actors for all languages. One helpful YouTuber has uploaded the credits here, if you don’t want to wait.

But, if it’s just the English voice actors you’re after, here’s who plays which character:

  • Amicia – Charlotte McBurney
  • Hugo – Logan Hanna
  • Lucas – Kit Connor
  • Beatrice – Lucy Briggs-Owen
  • Arnaud – Harry Myers
  • Sophia – Anna Demetriou
  • Count Victor of Aries – Alistair Petrie
  • Countess Emelie – Ellie Haydon
  • Vaudin – Anthony Byrne
  • Joseph – Ruben Crow
  • Milo – Joplin Sibtain
  • Perreux – Nico Lennon
  • Tonin – Claire Morgan

Alternatively, you can browse the Internet Movie Database’s entry for A Plague Tale: RequiemThere are other actors performing background voice roles, villagers, soldiers and so forth, but the above are the main cast of A Plague Tale: Requiem.

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