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Arcade Paradise Coin Op 1 Empathy

Arcade Paradise’s First DLC Brings Three New Cabinets

Great news if you’re a fan of Nosebleed Interactive’s Arcade Paradise. A new DLC pack has introduced three new cabinets into the game.

Finally! Our arcades can be updated! If you’re like us, you’ve had a maxed-out arcade for some time, and you’ve been itching for something to come along and refresh your premises in Arcade Paradise. Its first DLC pack, titled Coin-op Pack #1 does just that, adding in three new games cabinets.

The cabinets are a mixed bunch, but we can see ourselves sinking considerable time into each of them. Let’s dive into them:

  • Empathy 

    This might just be the freakiest-slash-coolest cabinet we’ve ever seen. That’s it in the heading picture; the sleek, black thing that looks like it’s been dragged from the Batcave. The game itself is an ASCII-styled endless runner with your goal being to ascend a mountain while trying to avoid the nay-sayers throwing stones at you along the way. Coupled with some seriously sinister music, it’s grim but very much the type of game you’re going to want “just one more go” at.

  • Smoke ’em

    When we think about it, we’re surprised that Arcade Paradise didn’t already have a game like Smoke ’em in it. It’s a light gun game – the staple of any 90s arcade, surely? It’s not quite Point Blank in terms of variety, but you’ll shoot your way through targets, racing against the clock to achieve the best score. It’s playable in two-player, too, allowing you to challenge a local friend.

  • Cyberdance EuroMix

    Arcade Paradise already has a DDR-style machine in the form of Cyberdance, but now it has a new one, bringing with it three new tracks to dance along to. No recreation of the 1990s is complete without a bit of cheesy euro dance music, and that’s exactly what this is.

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Each of the new games are available to buy separately for $1.99/£1.79. Or you can buy all three in the Coin-op Pack #1 for $3.99/£3.49. A steal, if you ask us.

Get a glimpse of each of the new games in action in the Arcade Paradise DLC trailer below:

Wondering how to access the new cabinets in Arcade Paradise after purchasing Coin-op Pack #1? Simple. Once the DLC has been purchased and installed, head to your in-game PC tucked away in your office. You won’t find them in the usual arcade cabinet store, but a new icon specifically for the DLC cabinets – or ‘imports’ – is now available. From there you can purchase each of them for just $100 each. A bargain.

Alongside the DLC, Arcade Paradise has also had a free update, addressing a number of bugs and quality of life fixes. You can see the full patch notes for Update 1.6 on Arcade Paradise‘s Steam page, but we’ve summarised the biggest changes below:

  • Championship Darts’ challenge ‘Defeat the AI in a game of Darts’ will no longer auto-complete
  • Ball physics improved in Hustler
  • The impossible ‘eat flies’ to-do challenge for Toad and Turtle has been removed
  • Woodgal’s Adventure will now save progress and collection of stars, shards and power-ups when quitting the game.
  • The ‘Get 3 Fire Pulls’ to-do activity on chewing gum removal is much easier now
  • Multiple crash issues with Blockchain, Fruit Crush, Air Hockey, and Vostok 2093 (amongst others) have been addressed
  • Rival Email issues have been fixed, including emails going missing, duplicate emails, emails never being sent, or attachments not being viewable.
  • Leaderboard UI has been improved for very large scores.
  • The car will no longer occasionally disappear
  • Upgrade prices have been rebalanced with some updates now being slightly cheaper
  • Electrical Engineering Book is now twice as effective
  • Watch alerts have been toned down to be less annoying

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