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Black Friday: Get a PS5 DualSense Controller for £39.99 from Amazon UK

Dualsense Black Friday

Fancy a new PlayStation 5 DualSense Wireless Controller? If you’re in the UK, you can get one for £39.99 from Amazon UK.

Normally around £60, this Amazon UK Black Friday deal gives you 33% off the regular price of a PlayStation 5 controller. And, since PlayStation 5s only come with the one DualSense controller, if you want to get anyone else involved in some split-screen shenanigans, you’ll need another one.

This deal, a Black Friday offer, doesn’t just apply to the standard white DualSense controller. You can also get other colours for £39.99 though we’d expect Amazon to sell out of those fast. Yes, you can get colour skins for your controller but it’s not quite the same. Argos is offering a similar deal but they’re starting to sell out already. Amazon US has yet to offer a similar deal though it’s worth keeping your eyes out.

The DualSense, apart from looking quite snazzy, also supports adaptive triggers. This lets the triggers push back against you, a step up from the PlayStation 4’s already useful analogue triggers.

And, though we’ve put our controllers through some heavy use we’ve not had one fail on us. It helps that they’re extremely well-built and, thanks to their comfortable grips, are in little danger of flying out of players’ hands. Unless, that is, you’re consumed by frustration and hurl them at a wall but there are always limits.

So, if you’re in need of a PS5 controller, you should head over to Amazon UK and take advantage of this Black Friday DualSense deal.

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